Introducing Japan's Best Show-Jumping Rider.......

Mr. Yoshihoro Nakano

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Here in my Homepage, am I proud to introduce a Japanese superstar jumper rider, Mr. Nakano. He has represented Japan at the Olympics on three occasions, at Los Angeles,Seoul and Atlanta. He was qualified to compete at Barcelona Olympics, but unfortunately, his ace horse, Australian bred Just James died of colic in Europe just prior to the Olympics. He was thrown into deep sorrow. Despaired, he concentrated all his energies on show-jumping. His earnest wish of becoming the Grand Prix Champion of All Japan came true with Sydney Symphony (Australian Thoroughbred) in 1993. He had tried to achieve this goal for 14 years.

(Picture Shown Below: Mr. Nakano and Just James at World Equestrian Games in Stockholm.)

Mr. Nakano jumped for the Atlanta Olympics, with his French bred SISAL DE JALESNES which enabled him to become a three-time Olympic rider. He is soon going to Europe to prepare to compete at World Equestrian Games in Sweden this coming March. With this up and coming challenge, I would like to wish him the very best of luck .

Thirty-seven years old, calm, personable, and in control of his world, Mr. Nakano is generally considered to be Japan's best rider.

As you can see from his picture, he is quite handsome. He has a charismatic atmosphere about him. It is a pleasure and honor to ride in the same arena with somebody as highly regarded. Respected for dedication and character and known as a go-for-victory rider, Mr. Nakano has won his share in Japan's Grand Prix scenes.

When teaching, his advice is always simple but to the point and very effective. You always get the correct results immediately and feel improvement within both your horse and yourself continuously whilst under his instruction.

Hight175 cm
Weight70 Kg
Birth DateJune 2, 1958
40 years of age
Birth PlaceOsaka, Japan
FamilyHis wife, Akiko, son Yuki, and daughter Mai
AttendedOsaka Gakuin University

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