Interested in watching how Dequila and I jump at horse shows?

Well, here are 7 QuickTime Movies of Dequila and Me. Just click the "Dequila Picture" and wait for the movie file to come to your PC.

NOTE : Depending on the speed of your modem and the traffic condition, it may take some time to downlowd the movies.
July 20, 1998

Dequila at the Dentist!!
by French Equine Dentist, Mr. Renaud Lebrun


July 26, 1998

Jumping Practice on a Hot Day

April 18, 1998

Yamaha Tsumagoi Horse Show '98, 1st Round
Jump Off, D Grade Final


December 5, 1997

Yamaha Tsumagoi Horse Show '97, Final Round
C Grade, Normal Jumping


October 5, 1997

M-Class Normal Jumping at Osaka Grand Prix Horse Show
the latter half.


August 30, 1997

Ladies Class, Jump-Off at Fuji Grand Prix Horse Show.

April 1997

Jumping Practice at Crane Olympic Park

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