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Hi! My name is Sakura, or "Cherry" in Japanese.

My mother assumes I was born around March 1995, so now I am almost 2 years old! Everyone says I still act like a baby, though. I was real happy when she decided to adopt me as I was deserted near Crane Olympic Park, the riding club which my mother belongs to. Now I like to run and pick up a frisbee and bring it back to her. My mother takes me and my sis Chiro to a park nearby and trains us for 20 minutes each every morning and every night. Now I can jump and catch a frisbee from her hand. Do you think I can catch a flying frisbee high up in the air soon? Gee, it looks very difficult.

Hello, my name is Chiro, or "White" in Japanese.

I used to live on the streets until I was about a year old. My mother adopted me in summer, 1994 and took me to the vet's to be spayed. To everyone's surprise, I was already pregnant. I am glad she adopted me just in time, otherwise I would have been stuck with stray puppies. What do I do every day? Well, I know she wants me to be a frisbee dog but I just can't concentrate on training for a long time. I hope Sakura will make a good one instead of me!

Trying to be good frisbie dogs...

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