1997 Show Results of Dequila & K. Jinko

Left: Getting a ribbon at Fuji Grand Prix
on Aug. 31, 1997
Right: Jumping at Osaka Grand Prix, Ladies Class
on Oct. 3, 1997

Horse ShowTime & PlaceClassResult
Carrot Horse ShowSugitani Equestrian Horse Park
Jan. 11, 1997
M Class5th Place
Osaka Prefectural Spring Horse ShowSugitani Equestrian Horse Park
Jan. 12, 1997
M Class4KD's, no ribbon
Rittoh Horse ShowJRA Rittoh Training Center
Mar. 22 to 23, 1997
M Class1 KD, no ribbon
L-A ClassAfter Jump-Off, 4th Place
Nara Prefectural Horse ShowCrane Olympic Park
April 20, 1997
M Class3rd Place
The 24th Kinki Horse ShowJRA Hanshin Race Track
May 7 thru 10, 1997
Class of Imported Horses
(M Class)
On the 1st day, Speed&Handiness18th Place. On the 2nd day, retired due to tendon inflammation.
The 48th Nara Prefecture Sports Festival, EquestrianCrane Olympic Park
June 15, 1997
M Class-1 (Time Faults), 3rd Place
The 11th Fuji Grand PrixRiding Club Arcadia
Aug. 29 to 31, 1997
M Class-B-4 (1 KD), No Ribbon
Jr.&LadiesAfter Jump-Off, 5th Place
Osaka Grand PrixSugitani Equestrian Horse Park
Oct. 3 to 5, 1997
M Class Nomal Jumping-16 (4 KD's), No Ribbon
Grand Prix Amazoness-8 (2 KD's), No Ribbon
Nara Prefectural Horse ShowCrane Olympic Park
Nov. 16, 1997
M Class-4 (1 KD), 5th Place
Tsumagoi Horse Show, FinalYamaha Tsumagoi Riding Club
December 5 to 6, 1997
C Grade, Speed&Handiness28th out of 50 entries, No Ribbon
C Grade Nomal Jumping-4 (1 KD), 12th out of 50 entries, No Ribbon

Terms: KD=Knockdown(s) M Class=height up to 140 cm, or 4'8" L-A Class=height up to 110 cm, or 3'8"

(For your information, there are 2 classes in official horse shows in Japan. One is for imported horses like my horse, Dequila and the other is for Japanese homebred horses. Naturally, the imported horses have to jump higher courses because they are supposed to be much stronger than Japanese homebred thoroughbreds who used to be race horses.)

Left: Kinki Horse Show on 1997/5/8.
Right: Osaka Prefectural Spring Horse Show on 1997/1/12.

QuickTime Movie here shows how Dequila and I jump at the latest 3 shows.

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