1998 Show Results of Dequila & K. Jinko

(Last Updated March 31, 1998)

Horse ShowTime & PlaceClassResult
Carrot Horse ShowSugitani Equestrian Horse Park
Jan. 17, 1998
M Class-8 (2KD's), no ribbon
Osaka Prefectural Spring Horse ShowSugitani Equestrian Horse Park
Jan. 18, 1998
M Class-12 (3KD's), no ribbon
Rittoh Horse ShowJRA Rittoh Training Center
March 28 to 29, 1998
M Class-0.25 (Time Fault), 7th
Team Jumping (M Class)ChampionI

Terms: KD=Knockdown(s) M Class=height up to 140 cm, or 4'8" L-A Class=height up to 110 cm, or 3'8"

QuickTime Movie here shows how Dequila and I jump at the latest 3 shows.

Next Show:
"YAMAHA Tsumagoi Horse Show, Round 1", Tsumagoi Riding Club, April 17 to 19, 1998
"Sen-Soh-Shitsu Charity Horse Show", Takamiya Riding Park, April 25 to 26, 1998
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